Stone’s Throw Drago

As many of you already know Drago is the favorite here. He has proven himself to be outstanding in everyway. He consistently produces puppies from our kennel that carry many of  his fine qualities in working ability, conformation and temperment.  He is a blue leopard but has always been very dark and almost looks  solid. He splits to red so depending on the female bred to he produces a combination of solid blacks, solid dark reds, dark red leopards and blue leopards. 
He has what I consider a soft handle for a catahoula and very easy disposition. Make no mistake he can be as rough as he needs to be on stock. He’s been hauled thousands of miles and likes people but will make it clear,  in a nice way,  he doesn’t approve if he feels you’re a threat to me. That’s his job and he’s quite good at it.
Drago is pointed in the field trials and is a conformation champion. He placed 1st in Proven Stud and Best in Show Male the last two years at the Mississippi show, which isn’t easy to do. We look forward to the opportunity to aquire his Grand Champion title as well. He is also pointed in UKC and we hope to have more opportunities to show him with the UKC to finish him there.
We will no longer offer stud service to the public.  However we will consider stud service to established, extensively experienced breeding programs that we know personally or individuals with outstanding, pointed or finished females with a personal referral from another established breeder for consideration.
We also have plans to collect him in the fall of 2009 so we may continue his line in the future.