Our Dogs

Our goal at White Rock is to produce the catahoula that does it all and looks good doing it. We look for working ability, conformation, temperment and trainabilty.  We don’t do crazy.  All of our dogs are either pointed or champion dogs and  are proven producers of champions, many with multiple titles.  All of our dogs are from working lines, work themselves and consistently pass that ability to their puppies. Our dogs are on working cattle ranches, commercial cattle operations, feedlots, in the woods, in working/show homes, in breeding programs and keeping an eye on the truck and the horses at a barrel race or rodeo here and there as well. 
At this time Drago is “the” sire for our kennel.  We will add a Drago son to the sire lineup along with an old heavy foundation bred male out of Mississippi in the next year.  We are excited about the potential of both pups and are looking forward to adding them to the lineup and giving Drago a little break.
We are also adding some new females to the lineup from our lines to replace our older females that will be retiring in the future. Many of our females are closely related and are either littermates, halfsisters, aunts or nieces to each other and also related to dogs in Drago’s pedigree as well.  We also have  a few outside females. This allows us to consistently produce puppies that meet our expectations.
As always we are available by email or phone for any questions you may have.