Purchase Information

Puppy Purchase Information:
If you would like to purchase a White Rock or Lee puppy, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy from a current or upcoming litter. We operate on a deposit basis in order to plan breedings and ensure you are serious about purchasing a puppy. We recommend placing your deposit early to secure your place in the pick order as litters fill quickly. You may send a cashiers check, personal check or money order made out and mailed to:
Phyllis Bennett PO Box 316 Wellston, OK 74881
We  accept PayPal for your deposit using the Place your Deposit with PayPal link located under the Purchase Information page.  Please call us ifyou need assistance with PayPal. Please include a note with your deposit or send us an email stating gender and color preferences.
We will let you know when we receive your deposit. Your deposit will be applied to the balance of your puppy cost at the time of pick-up. If a litter has not yet been bred, we will keep your name on the deposit list. Gestation period is usually 60 to 63 days. Depositors will be notified after a litter has been born and they are close to 3 weeks old. It is not uncommon to lose puppies early on during nesting. By this time the female has had time to adjust and we have a better idea of what will actually be available. This is also a good time to let you know we can not guarantee the gender composition, coat or eye color of a litter. Eye color does not set until about 8 weeks old or longer.
Please understand that all puppy deposits are non-refundable. If you do not find a puppy you like in the current litter your deposit may be rolled to the next available litter. In the event of but not limited to the following; a breeding doesn’t “take”, a dog is injured, a small litter is born, puppies are lost during nesting, weather conditions or any other unforeseen event occurs your deposit will be rolled to the next litter. With the exception of the above, a depositor should have sufficient opportunity to choose a puppy within a 12 to 18 month period of time. However,when a depositor has had ample opportunity to choose a puppy from at least two available litters or within 12 months and refuses to make a selection your deposit will be forfeited. This will be handled on a case by case basis.
We begin the pick process at roughly 4 to 5 weeks old. Depositors will be sent pictures of what is available based on their request and will have a 36 hour window (maximum) to make a selection.  This process has been established to keep things moving forward in a timely fashion. Should you require more time please let us know and we will address your individual issue. Keep in mind there are others waiting to choose their puppy as well.
The pick process must be completed by 6 weeks of age so delivery by ground can begin at 6 weeks old and arrangements for air transport at 8 weeks old. This is a lengthy process and we will not hold puppies until weaning age to start this process.
Puppy Pick Up: Puppies can be picked up or delivered. We do charge mileage to transport your puppy by ground. We use the currently published mileage rate set by the GSA for personal vehicle use. Currently published  rate is 55¢ per mile. When possible we try and transport puppies in conjunction with a trip already planned or another delivery and split the cost between the buyers to keep expenses down as much as possible. Please call or email so that we can discuss the best arrangement for everyone.
You can expect that your puppy will have had three to four wormings and at least one five-way vaccination booster at the time of pick up. Keep in mind it is the buyers responsibility to administer or have your personal veterinarian administer the remaining vaccines in the series to your puppy and maintain the proper worming schedule for your area. We have a 10 day guarantee for infectious/contagious disease or death from the day you pickup your puppy which is the standard practice. Once a pup leaves we no longer have control on what a pup is exposed to, cared for, vaccinated in a timely manner, wormed etc. so it is best to be very careful where you and your puppy go and have your puppy seen by your veterinarian to ensure the proper vaccination and worming scheduled is given. After the 10th day beginning with the date of delivery, we are no longer responsible for any contagious/infectious disease. It is rare we have an issue once a pup leaves but it is a puppy and things can happen that are unforeseen. These issues will be handled on a case by case basis. We are very easy and reasonable to work with. If you have a concern contact us immediately.

Shipping Your Puppy: Airlines will not accept pups for shipping until eight weeks of age. Additionally, most airlines will not fly pups or dogs in extreme temperatures or precisely during the months of June, July, and August. With that in mind, we ship from Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, OK. The appropriate carrier will be determine prior to shipping however whenever possible we ship with Continental Airlines because they provide a climate controlled environment from the time I drop your puppy at their office until you pick up your puppy. The welfare of the puppy is our priority. White Rock Catahoulas will pay for the shipment at the time of drop-off from the shipping money the buyer furnishes. It is up to the buyer to provide the cost of shipping for their puppy, in addition to the cost of purchasing their puppy from White Rock Catahoulas. However, a price range of $450 to $500 (depending upon the dog’s age and size) is a good estimate figure. This covers airfare, crate, health certificates, mileage to airport, everything it takes to get a puppy on a flight. Again, the buyer is responsible for this cost if your puppy is not being picked up directly from White Rock Catahoulas.
Feeding: All of our grown dogs and puppies are fed Diamond Hi-Energy or an equivalent meat based 24% to 28 % protein, 15% to 20% fat feed. WE DO NOT FEED PUPPY FEED. You may contact your local feed dealer to locate a Diamond dealer in your area or your local milling company. All puppies have access to a self feeder when they begin to eat dry feed at about 4 weeks old and will be accustom to this feeding method when you pick them up.
Registration: Our puppies are National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas and/or United Kennel Club registered. We will usually have the application papers for you at the time of pick up. If the papers are not yet in our possession from the registry or association, they will be mailed to you shortly after we receive them.
Payment: Payment is due in full on or before the date of pick up. In addition, when shipping a pup, shipping costs and puppy payment is due in full before the puppy will be shipped to the buyer. If you are picking up your puppy in person we ask that you pay in cash. If you will be paying by personal check, Pay Pal or wire transfer we must receive your full payment 7 days prior to delivery or shipment. If we are meeting you more than 150 miles from our location 50% of your balance must be received 7 days prior to the delivery date with the balance due in cash at delivery.  All payments made through PayPal must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to pickup/shipment. All payments made through PayPal are non-refundable NO EXCEPTIONS. Buyers are responsible for the fees associated with the chosen method of payment. Please contact us to discuss the best option for everyone.
Please give us a call at 405-833-1400 or email at pmbennett68@msn.com and we will be glad to work out the details of your purchase or answer any additional questions you may have.
We reserve the right of first choice over all litters and the right to remove any puppy from availability at anytime for any reason.