About Us

White Rock Catahoulas is located in central Oklahoma. We are third generation breeders/owners. We began participating in the show circuit in 2001.
We breed for the complete dog that possesses the working ability, conformation, and disposition the catahoula is know for.  Color is a preference, our dogs are predominately  blues and solids but we have reds and blue dogs that carry the red gene as well.
Litters are bred to satify our own needs first and the demands of the public second. We are interested in the quality of the dog not the quantity. Therefore, we invest a great deal of time in researching the bloodlines of outside dogs we may purchase for our breeding program and the puppies produced here. We also make ourselves knowledgable about genetics and other tools useful in producing a high quality catahoula.
We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and find something you like. Should you have any questions please ask.