White Rock Catahoulas is owned and operated by Phyllis Bennett and is located in central Oklahoma. We are a National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas Certified Breeder. I also take care of The American Catahoula Association, handling membership activities, website maintenance, breeder, for sale, puppy and stud ads. White Rock Catahoulas is dedicated to the preservation of the versatile Catahoula Leopard Dog focusing on physically and mentally sound dogs that possess intelligence, drive, natural working ability and trainability. Our dogs are trained and worked on a variety of livestock, as well as, general varmint control and personal protection. All of our dogs are socialized, well adjusted and possess stable temperaments. Our dogs are registered with National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas and United Kennel Club and are exhibited in both registries as well as, the American Catahoula Association.
We are proud to have puppies coast to coast and Internationally.
For those wanting to add a White Rock puppy to your program. We recommend placing your deposit early.
We only on occassion have puppies to offer the general public.
Questions or puppy inquiries can be sent to the following email or I can be reached by phone.
We reserve the right of first choice over all litters and the right to remove any puppy from availability at anytime for any reason